Close encounters

2022.05.13. 21:56 |

On day 3, one goal was the difference in every game. Hungary will play against Czech Republic in the final.

The last day of the group stage was a real thriller. Two unbeaten teams, Czech Republic and Switzerland played for the first place of group B. The Czechs had more chances, and took the lead three times, but the opponent equalised every time. In the penalty shootout, Zikmunda Mazancova scored the winning goal, so Czech Republic qualified for the final.

The other finalist is the Hungarian team. The hosts scored the winning goal in the last seconds against Austria, in a dramatic way, by Berta Mozolai.

Finland finished 2nd place in group A, after beat Germany, and play for medal on Saturday. France turned the match against Norway, and grabbed the first victory in Budapest.


May 11

11.30 Germany-Austria 0-1

14.00 Switzerland-Norway 2-0

16.30 France-Czech Republic 1-5

19.00 Hungary-Finland 2-1 SO

May 12

11.30 Czech Republic-Norway 6-1

14.00 Finland-Austria 2-1

16.30 Switzerland-France 7-0

19.00 Germany-Hungary 0-2

May 13

11.30 Czech Republic-Switzerland 4-3 SO

14.00 Finland-Germany 1-0

16.30 Norway-France 1-2

19.00 Austria-Hungary 1-2

May 14

10.30 7th place: Germany-Norway

13.20 5th place: Austria-France

16.10 3rd place: Finland-Switzerland

19.00 Final: Hungary-Czech Republic