Czech Republic retain title

2023.04.24. 10:50 |

The EWIHC ended in a spectacular way.

History repeats itself, after last year Czech Republic and Hungary met in the EWIHC final again. It was a close encounter, but the Czechs were more effective and won by 4-1 retaining the title.

The Swiss team earned third place beating France.


Germany-Norway 0-2
Switzerland-Austria 2-1
France-Czech Republic 1-2
Hungary-Slovakia 3-1 

Czech Republic-Norway 7-1
Slovakia-Austria 3-0
Germany-France 0-1
Switzerland-Hungary 1-2

Slovakia-Switzerland 0-3
Czech Republic-Germany 6-2
Norway-France 0-1
Austria-Hungary 1-2

Placement games:
7th: Germany-Austria 2-1
5th: Norway-Slovakia 3-4 (PS)
3rd: France-Switzerland 0-3
Final: Czech Republic-Hungary 4-1